Property Document Verification India

Neeraj Naidu is our Founder. We are Team of Legal Experts and we have expertise of more than 10 years of hands on experience and legal knowledge for thorough Scrutiny, analysis and expert opinion on the Property, impeccable knowledge of case laws with updates, continuous research work in law, provide accurate services from time to time and believe in fast and precise due diligenc search report services to individual, corporate companies, Private Financial Institutions, Banks, etc.,
Property Document Verification is vital step before a Bank Loan or Agreement of Sale or Lease Agreement. Due Diligence carried on the Property Documents is precaution to avoid future legal issues. Hence property document verification is a inevitable legal obligation and wise decision.

Why Property Document Verification

We check beyond the Documents Provided to us viz., legal verification of property at Revenue Department, Registration Department and in the Court of Law for any kind of title defects i.e., Government Land, Assignment Land, Mortgages, Liens, Attachments by Government, Bank, NBFCs etc., Encumbrances, Double Registrations, Court Cases on property.

Government Approval e.g., GHMC, HMDA, RERA always has disclaimer that “the Approval subject to documents provided and not indication of clear title”
E-Encumbrance Certificate does not disclose the all title defects, further Encumbrance Certification Online service is encumbrance verification of a registered immovable property for a limited period i.e., maximum of 30 years.
Property Seller does not have clear title and documents i.e., approval, permissions and requisite orders or title to sell the property. Hence it is buyer’s prerogative to obtain legal opinion on property before heading with the home loan or Sale Agreement or Long term Lease Agreement.
Property Verification Report is title investigation of an immovable property for a limited period restricted to a particular registered Document i.e., period starting from date of registration of the property to the present date. Basically a Legal Advice on property document.


All kinds of immovable property viz., land, building, apartment, commercial properties need verification before closing transaction is complete.
Encumbrances Certificate, Single Search, ownership check, proper link of titles Scrutiny will enable to ascertain the ownership of the property and marketability of its Title.
Document Verification is unavoidable before purchasing a property and upon such verification it will put an end to all uncertainties and offers peace of mind.

List of Documents required for Property Verification:

  • Latest Registered Property Document
  • And all Its Link documents( Government Orders, Court orders, Pahanies, Pattedar Pass Books, and all registered documents of the Property)
  • Conversion Order (From Agriculture land to Non Agriculture Land)
  • Order under Urban Land Ceiling Act (If Applicable)
  • Lay Out Permission
  • Building Permission (if Applicable)
  • Land Regularization Order (if layout is without permission)
  • Building Regularization order (if Building is constructed without Permission or with deviation)
  • Land Tax Receipts(if Applicable)
  • Property Tax Receipt(If Applicable)
  • Other document if any, which may be ancillary or supplementary documents